Why Your Luggage Scale May Not Always Match Your Airline’s Baggage Scale?

Have you ever been in a situation where you are annoyed because the airport staffs notifies you about your luggage overweight and the amount you should pay for the extra luggage or to unpack the luggage and remove some things to adjust the weight to below maximum load? Yes, I have been through such a situation once, it spoils the whole mood of traveling and kills the vibe.

One of the main reasons for such issue is that most of weigh our luggage on a weighing machine at our home or someplace else. These weighing scales are least used and have the least zero error, on the other hand, airport weighing scales are used frequently and probably used more than a dozen times a day. Therefore, most of the weighing scales at airports have maximum zero error and it is calibrated only once a year.

Now, at times, there are some certain cases that reported that the airport weighing machine displayed lower luggage weight than the actual weight, one of the main reasons for such difference is because your device might have a big zero error, or you might be using an analog weighing machine and you read the readings wrong.

If you ever come across such situation at the airport here is what you can do.

  • You can request the staff to check the weight on another weighing machine
  • Always check the luggage weight allowed on the airline you are travelling and check the weight on a digital luggage scale
  • While packing always remember that some issues might arise and so do not try packing your luggage to acquire the exact maximum limit.
  • Carry a foldable bag into which you can throw the extra items to adjust the luggage weight.


An airline weighing machine and personal luggage weighing machine displaying two different readings for the same luggage is a common thing that happens; this can be due to any of the reasons mentioned above.