Steam Iron vs. Dry Iron: Which is the Best?

There was no sign of steam irons in the world around a few decades ago. All of us were using dry iron. With the growth of technology, steam irons start to gain prominence in the market as they can easily remove wrinkles off your clothes.

But dry irons are still used in modern homes due to some reasons.

Steam Iron vs. Steam Iron

Water Tank

Dry iron lacks water tank. So, there are no spits and leaks that can stain your clothes. Steam irons have a lot of complaints on leakage which could soak ironing board. They also spit dark water on your new clothes. So, many people prefer dry iron over their steam counterparts.

Steam Holes and Output

There are steam holes on the sole plate to generate the steam and iron out creases and wrinkles on the clothes. They give great steam output through hundreds of micro holes on soleplates.

On the other side, dry iron has no steam holes and water tank. In addition soleplate is completely flat for those who are into sewing and any art and craft works. It gives better heat distribution on shirts.

Spray Mist

Dry iron also misses spray mist without water tank. A lot of leading steam irons have button to release light spray over the clothes when required. It is very convenient with all vital functions in reach of your thumb when you grip handle of iron when it comes to iron.

Other Features

Dry iron usually has a knob or dial to control heat settings. But steam iron may have more features, such as LED display, steam trigger, spray jet, and steam lever. However, it can be complex to use as you have to change settings again and again when ironing various types of clothes.

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