IRCTC Ticket Cancellation Before & After Chart Preparation

You might already be aware of the basic cancellation rules for IRCTC and they are quite easy to understand as well. While booking a Tatkal Ticket, you need to keep in mind that you will not get any refund in case of cancellation of confirmed Tatkal ticket. There are some more rules that you need to keep in mind.

It should be noted that you can cancel the counter ticket via Reservation Counters and you can also cancel them online but for the online tickets, you can only cancel them through online medium at IRCTC Next Generation portal. The refund for the Online Tickets will only be credited back to the account which was used to book the ticket. Also, you may file TDR online for the online tickets and get a refund according to the confirmation.

This was all about the basic cancellation rules and now let us look at the cancellation rules that are applicable before and after the chart preparation.

Cancellation of Tickets before the Chart Preparation

The first thing that you need to know here is that for the trains that have a scheduled start time for upto 12 Noon, the charts are prepared on the previous nights and hence you need to take care of the same while you are cancelling the tickets. You can simply visit to cancel such tickets and initiate the refund process for yourself. You must also keep in mind the general cancellation rules and the cancellation charges that are applicable on the cancellation of ticket.

Cancellation of Tickets after the Chart Preparation

Once the charts are prepared, you can still cancel the ticket and you can also go ahead and file the TDR Request up to 4 hours before the scheduled departure time. You do not have to worry if your ticket is completely on the waitlist as such tickets are dropped from the reservation chart and you do not have to worry about the cancellation of the tickets. The refund of such tickets will be credited automatically.

If some of the passengers in a ticket are on the waitlist and if some of them have a confirmed ticket already then you can request for a certificate of non-travelling of such passengers and in such case, you will be able to file a TDR Request and get the refund.

If some of the passengers on a PNR are confirmed and others are on the waitlist and if no one wants to travel then you will again have to file a TDR Request. This was all about the cancellation of the IRCTC Tickets. For more information, you can login to