Essay on My Family For School Kids

Family is one of the best gifts that the Almighty has showered on us. It is where you learn the basics of life and it is this that stays with you all your life: either consciously or sub consciously. It is like a school where you learn how to lead a life that is full of love, discipline, culture, and values. All the manners that you should be proud of actually come from your family. You can learn from each one in the family-whether elder to you or younger to you-each one has something or the other to teach you. Friends in life come and go. It is your family members who will stay with you through thick and thin. You realize the importance of family as you grow up and as you start realizing the importance of the values that you have been taught.

The social values, the way of dealing with everyday life, the way of handling problems and complex situations, the comfort of having someone by you all the time, comes with only your family.

I have a small family of 5-my parents, my brother, and my sister. I am also blessed to have grown up in the shadows of my grandparents, who, till date, are my favourite people on Earth. My mother is my go-to person for any type of guidance and my father is my role model. No to forget, the two younger siblings that I have are no less than my best friends.

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